10 most important facts about GOPA agreement

  1. The Grant of Permission Agreement (GOPA) agreement needs to be taken on 2 separate Rs. 100 stamp papers to be signed by the Deputy Director of the Community Radio (CR) cell.
  2. The GOPA agreement needs to be signed by the authorized signatory only of the LOI (Letter of Intent) holder.
  3. The LOI holder needs to furnish a bank guarantee for a sum of Rs. 25,000 only, to ensure timely performance of the permission agreement.
  4. The bank guarantee to be furnished should be taken on the approved format provided on the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting’s website, downloadable from http://mib.nic.in/ShowDocs.aspx.
  5. The bank guarantee should be valid for a period of five years.
  6. Copy of Decision to Grant W/T Licence (D/L) and SACFA Clearance must be attached with the GOPA agreement.
  7. The GOPA is a non transferable agreement.
  8. The permission holder should start broadcasting within three months of signing of the GOPA bayer viagra.
  9. After signing the agreement, the licence holder is permitted to start the test transmission of the radio station.
  10. The permission holder shall forfeit the bank guarantee to the government, if the former fails to deliver the services in the stipulated period.

Author: Nilofar, CRFC/ OneWorld