9 important facts about DAVP Empanelment

  1. The DAVP Empanelment for a Community Radio Station is done through the online application followed by hard copy submission of necessary documents which is a must for completion of the empanelment application process.
  2. The DAVP website works best on the internet explorer while filing the online application.
  3. In case a Community Radio Station does not have service tax number then also the particular station is eligible to apply for the empanelment with DAVP. A service tax is required in case the station’s aggregate value of taxable service exceeds 9 lakhs in a financial year. In case the Community Radio Station does not have a service tax number, they are required to fill NA/ Nil in the field and not leave it blank for acceptance while online form filling.
  4. PAN number provided along with the DAVP empanelment application must be in the name of the Community Radio Station. PAN is mandatory for the empanelment with DAVP. For example: if the Community Radio Station’s name is Radio Active, then the PAN number should be by the name of Radio Active.
  5. The account details provided for DAVP empanelment should be the details of the Community Radio Station Preferably, however, if the account is in the name of the organization, then the details for the same could be provided.
  6. The file size of attachments while filling up the online form should be less than 5KB in order to fill up the form successfully and submit the required documents. .
  7. The time bands stated in the application form is to be filled according to the morning, afternoon and evening slots of the Community Radio Station.
  8. Once DAVP sends an Empanelment Offer to a Community Radio Station, the Community Radio Station should send an acceptance for the same within 30 days for successful completion of the empanelment process.
  9. The DAVP guide for online empanelment can be viewed on http://crfc.in/video-manual-for-online-empanelment-of-community-radio-stations-with-davp/.