About DAVP

The Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity (DAVP) is the nodal agency to undertake multi-media advertising and publicity for various Ministries and Departments of Government of India. Some of the Autonomous Bodies also route their advertisements through DAVP. As a service agency, it endeavors to communicate at grass roots level on behalf of various Central Government Ministries. DAVP has been working as a catalyst of social change and economic growth over the years. It has been instrumental in creating awareness amongst masses on socio-economic themes, seeking their participation in developmental activities and for eradication of poverty and social evils.

  1. To perform the functions of a multi-media advertising agency for the Central Government.
  2. To act as service agency for Central Government ministries/departments to meet their publicity needs including production of media inputs as well as dissemination of messages/information.
  3. To help Central Government departments in formulating communication strategies/media plans and help implement them at the grass-root level by providing multi-media support. (DAVP Website)

Once a CRS is empanelled with DAVP, they receive advertisements from the DAVP which is a contributing factor to the sustenance of the radio station. The spot rate for the CRS empanelled with DAVP is Rs. 4/- per second. Some of the adverts received by the CRS Bharat Nirman, Land Acquisition, Bharat Nirman – Street Vendor, Bharat Nirman – Land Acquisition etc.