Attention Frequency Applicants: Submit undertaking to WPC

Dear Applicants,

The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing has issued an office memorandum requesting applicants who have applied for frequency allotments to furnish an undertaking stating following conditions

  1. The allotment of spectrum is provisional and subject to government’s decision on allotment and pricing of spectrum.
  2. In the event of final decision to allot spectrum only through auction process, the provisional allotment of the spectrum shall be withdrawn.
  3. In case the provisional allotment of spectrum is withdrawn, payment made towards spectrum charges or part thereof shall not be refunded.
  4. In case the provisional allotment of spectrum is withdrawn, respective wireless user would obtain NonĀ  Dealer Possession Licence (NDPL) for possessing the wireless equipment or return the equipment to a DPL holder or shall be disposed off the same as per procedure.

The copy of the undertaking is attached below for reference.

We request frequency applicants to prepare this undertaking and submit it to Community Radio Facilitation Center. Please prepare this undertaking on your organisation’s letter head.

You can send the scanned copies of this undertaking to Also, send the hard copies of this undertaking to our OneWorld office.