Yes. Apart from English, it is possible to apply for CR license in Hindi. But, it is not possible to apply in any other language. There is no online application form in Hindi language. So, you need ...Read more
You are required to enclose: The audited balance sheet for the last 3 years along with the auditor’s report. It should include the details of: •    Assets and Liabilities •   ...Read more
Memorandum of Association of a Company is usually a document that governs the relationship between the company and the outside, signed by Registrar as per the Societies Registration act 1860. Any ...Read more
No.  As per the CR Policy Guidelines clause no 2 i a) you are ineligible to apply for the CR ...Read more
The permitted height of the tower of antenna for Community Radio Stations: Minimum: 15 meters Maximum: 30 meters It is recommended that you avail license permission for the maximum height of ...Read more
This is the most important detail to be furnished in the CRS Application form. The objective of entire license application process is to get permission for installation of transmitter at the ...Read more
The best way to identify the exact geo-coordinates is to stand in the exact location chosen for the installation of the antenna tower and using a GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled device/mobile ...Read more
For Registered Societies: No, the members of the governing body cannot be related. Your application for grant of permission for setting up the CRS would be subject to rejection if the members of ...Read more
Yes, it is mandatory to fill in all the details in the application form. If incomplete details are provided in the application form, the CR Cell at the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting ...Read more
If the details filled in the application form are incorrect, the CR Cell at the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting would send back the application requesting for proper details to be ...Read more

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