The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to follow a public consultative process with respect to the licensing process before finalising its recommendations. It released a ...Read more
TRAI has floated a consultation paper on issues related to Community Radio. Through the paper TRAI has raised a list of questions and have invited comments from stakeholders by 11th June 2014 or ...Read more
The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Department of Telecommunication has been formally informed of the Community Radio Facilitation Centre’s role in guiding CR applicants and ...Read more
Imagine this: A Community Radio Station, in the middle of nowhere, managed by members of a community for three years now, wants to know if all it has done so far is correct. Has it erred in looking ...Read more
DAVP has issued a notice regarding the hard copies of bill submission of Community Radio Stations at the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP). As stated in the notice all Community ...Read more
A large reason for the stunted growth of the Community Radio sector has been due to the policy of multiple clearances to get the license. Although the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ...Read more
The Inter-Ministerial Committee for Community Radio licenses has been striving to streamline the process of licensing for the new radio stations. Over the last eight years wince it has been ...Read more
In an interview with CRFC, Jayalakshmi Chittor talks about how the Government is increasingly moving away from the trends of globalisation and that the way forward should be de-licensing. In a ...Read more
N. Ramakrishnan believes that the only way for the sector to evolve is through an effective process of Self Regulation. Self Regulation will ensure the best interest of the Community Radio stations ...Read more
Over the last decade the Community Radio sector has greatly progressed but there are still avenues that can be explored. Experts are of the opinion that the next step for the sector is to move from ...Read more

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