DAVP empanels ten new Community Radio Stations

Recently, the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) has issued orders for provisional empanelment of ten new Community Radio Stations with the directorate.

The DAVP has already sent offer letters to these ten stations on 11th August, 2014, and the empanelled Community Radio Stations have been requested to send their acceptance by 26th August, 2014.

Braham Prakash Yadav, Station Manager, Radio Noida, said that the process of empanelment is very long. “Getting empanelled with the DAVP was a tough as it proved to be a long journey of 3 years. We are gratified that now we will also be able to sustain and maintain the requirements of our Community Radio with the help of government support”.

Jitender Sharma from Kisan Vani CR, Sironj, also complained about the long process involved. “Finally, we have moved a step ahead towards resolving our financial worries. The whole process of empanelment took a really long time. We have received a letter of empanelment which is valid for one year only. But, we are also worried about the process of online and offline submission of bills, as many other empanelled Community Radio Stations are already facing the same difficulties and complications,” Sharma said.

The DAVP is an important tool in communicating important social advertising messages in an effective manner. Community Radio stations also get empanelled through the DAVP.

Apart from ‘Radio Noida’ and ‘Kisan Vani’ Sironj there are ten other CR stations which have been empanelled as follows:

The names of the newly empanelled Community Radio Stations are as follows :

  • Vayalaga Vanoli
  • Kissan Vani Sironj
  • Radio Vidyavani
  • Radio Ala
  • GMR Radio
  • Salaam Namaste
  • Janvani CRS
  • Radio Rimjhim
  • Radio Dhadkan
  • Radio Noida


Author: Nilofar, CRFC/ OneWorld