Entries invited for India’s National Community Radio Awards


The last date for receipt of entries for third National Community Radio Awards is 10th January 2014.


New Delhi: Entries have Awardsbeen invited for India’s prestigious National Community Radio Awards. Each station will be allowed to send a maximum of two entries for any two of the above categories. More than one entry by a station in the same category will not be accepted.

The awards will be given in 5 categories including Thematic Award, Community Engagement Award, Most Creative/Innovative Programme Content Award, Sustainability Model Award and Promoting Local Culture Award. The National Community Radio Awards were instituted in the year 2012, to promote better programming on CRS.



The third National Community Radio Awards will be presented during the 4th National Sammelan which is being organised at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, in the month of February 2014.


The five categories of the awards are as follows:


Thematic Award: This award will be for the programmes having thematic focus, relevant to community. This implies that the program should be a series of episodes on a particular theme that has relevance to the community. It should be addressing any issue pertaining to the need or interest of the community. It can focus on any sector- social, cultural, historical, financial or any other. The entries will have to clearly elucidate:

a) How the theme was chosen?

b) How was it executed?

c) Details of the format used

d) What was the local relevance of programme

e) Local participation

Any case study or report on the program  would help.


Community Engagement Award: The basic objective of the community radio is to serve the cause of the community by involving members of the community in the broadcast of their programmes. Entries for this award must reflect engagement of community in the planning, content, production and broadcast of programme. The entry should reflect the processes involved in bringing the community together for a broader engagement. The community should have been at the centre of this engagement process. The program should have enabled a collective change and helped create a movement within the community. It should have created a momentum to address any local concern (s). Entries accompanied with a list of outcomes achieved and solutions provided to community needs will be given preference.


Promoting Local Culture Award: (Preservation and promotion) Entries must incorporate local talent and tradition. Entries can be in any language but must be accompanied by a description of what efforts were made to promote local culture and a brief summary be provided in English/Hindi. The entry in this category should reflect the program’s effort in improving local well being. The program should have provided a sense of identity to the community. It could be based on common understanding, local traditions, and values and should have influenced the confidence of the local community. The effort of the program should have encouraged preservation and promotion of culture. For example, it could have revived a dying art, preserved a local monument, helped in architectural preservation of old buildings and Havelis, or use of local culture to mobilise the population, revival of traditional handicraft or culture based entertainment etc. The program could be on cuisine, folk music, festivals or other cultural activities which have a sustained impact on the community.


Most Creative/Innovative Programme Content Award: Purpose of  this award is to encourage Community Radio Stations to experiment/devise new formats of programme, presentation or adaptation of traditional communication formats to convey development concerns to the community with greater impact. The program should be novel, original and innovative. It should have an element of community participation and relevance to community. The award could be given even on technical basis of the innovative idea.


Sustainability Model Award: The purpose of this award is to encourage CRS to adopt innovative models to generate revenue for self-sustenance. Sustainability means that the station should have sustainability on four different counts: a. content b: human resources; c: technical and d: financial. Audio clips need not to be submitted for this category, but, documentary proofs will be required in respect of (a) Source of funds, (b) Sustenance model (c) Agency from where support was received.


National Community Radio Awards – Guidelines


  1. Entries from community radio stations which are continuously operational at least for the last 6 months as on 30.11.2013 only shall be considered i.e. the CRS should have been operational before 1st June 2013( Copy of the WOL to be produced). Each entry should be sent in the prescribed proforma, a copy of which is attached herewith, along with all details/documents motioned in the proforma/guidelines.
  2. Separate proforma should be furnished for each entry.
  3. Each station will be allowed to send a maximum of two entries for any two of the above categories. More than one entry by a station in the same category will not be accepted.
  4. Programmes produced by Community Radio Stations only will be accepted for awards.
  5. The programme should not have won any other Govt. award.
  6. The programme should have been actually broadcast by the Radio Station between 01.12.2012 to 30.11.2013. Entries of programmes which are under-production or have not been broadcast by 30.11.13 will not be accepted.
  7. Along with entry, CRS will have to send a copy of log book, duly signed and stamped by the station In-Charge, as proof of its broadcast (including the date of broadcast). Entries with unsigned log books will be disqualified.
  8. Entries in languages/dialects other than English and Hindi must be accompanied with a brief (150 words) translation/summary in English/Hindi.
  9. The Programmes in MP 3 format (between 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes) need to be sent in a CD only by Speed Post/Registered Post.
  10. The Community Radio Station shall indemnify and at all times keep the Government indemnified and harmless against any claims by any third person, for any violation of copyrights and IPR.
  11. Demand draft/cheques for prizes shall be issued in the name of community radio stations only.


Read complete award announcement and guidelines

Source Ministry of Information and Broadcasting