CR Application

The section deals with answers to queries relating to the Community Radio application procedure. It has details on what is the procedure to apply for setting up a Community Radio Station, how to obtain geo coordinates for your transmitter location, the map sourcing locations meant for submission with the application, what are the stages of the license procedure etc.

Frequency Application

Within this section queries regarding the frequency application procedure are addressed. The queries range from the procedure to be followed while making a frequency application, what is the maximum height of the tower, What is the minimum and maximum distance between stations etc.

SACFA Application

By clicking on this section all queries regarding the SACFA application i.e. the procedure for application, documents to be attached, the address for submission etc are addressed.

GOPA Application

The section for GOPA application addresses queries relating to bank guarantee, GOPA application procedure, list of documents to be attached with application, value of stamp paper for agreement to be made on etc.

WOL Application

In the WOL application section queries in relation with the WOL application are addressed which include queries like what is a DPL, which equipment's invoice is required, the procedure for application, how the application is to be made etc.

DAVP Application

The DAVP application section contains information regarding queries about the DAVP empanelment like what is the procedure for application, how to apply for the empanelment online, what if an organization does not have service tax, what account details need to be given in the DAVP online form etc.


The miscellaneous section addresses queries which are not directly related to the Community Radio licensing procedure such as what services does CRFC provide, are the services free of cost, can CRS broadcast advertisement etc. The FAQs in this section also include questions related to regulation.
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