Filling up Community Radio Application – Do’s and Don’ts

The Community Radio licence procedure is a long and complex process. It becomes necessary to have the right information to fill in all the details of the application correctly. We have put together a list of dos and don’ts that each organisation should follow before submitting the application for setting up of a Community Radio Station.


  • The authorized signatory mentioned in the Community Radio application is the person who is being authorized to be the signatory for the Community Radio application, it may not be the head of the institution.
  • The person – applying and signing the Community Radio application –should attend the Screening Committee meeting.
  • When providing the details of board members in the Community Radio application – if s/he has a passport number – it should be provided to help in quicker verification from Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The Geo-Coordinate and the site location for antenna installation have to be decided prior to filling the Community Radio application.
  • The section asking for the profile for the organization should comprise of a summary about the activities of the organization, what communities it works with and the key focus areas.Annual reports can be attached as annexure to the application.
  • Any form of research or survey conducted with the focal community shouldalso be attached as annexure of the application in the form or a report or summary.
  • It is advised that an e-mail ID should be specifically created for the Community Radio application, which could be used at all stages of the licence procedure, which should be available to the organization as common knowledge to avoid any form of hassles in future.
  • Organisation’s receiving funds from abroad can apply for Community Radio; however, it would be subject to FCRA and Home Ministry clearances.
  • Within India, organizations can get funding for Community Radio without any restrictions from individuals, donations and Indian philanthropic institutions.
  • Organizations are advised to give the registered office address to ministry for correspondence.
  • The section in the Community Radio application asking for the completion of three years at the time of registration for NGOS means that the organization should be able to provide the latest three years of tax returns.
  • If the organization has received a grant from the state or central government, it should attach copies of the grant letters with the application.
  • Height of tower should always be asked for 30 meters.
  • Geo-coordinates should be provided in the degree, minute and seconds format which has been obtained from a GPS device or a GPS phone. If the co-ordinates obtained from the phone are in decimal format they should be converted online in the approved format and then stated in the application.
  • The height above mean sea level (AMSL) should be obtained from a GPS device or mobile for the location.
  • While stating the hours of broadcast please explain the hours that are being stated.
  • For the section of on how the community will be involved, please provide the detailsstated clearly:
    • Clear strategy should be provided on how consultation processes will happen?
    • How content management and station management committees will be formed?
    • What kind of participation rules are expected to be followed?
    • Who will be on the committees and how will the institution be represented within the committees?
    • Who will take the ultimate decision as to who will volunteer and be invited in the station?
  • Details of sources of funding should have the sources stated of the figure being given under each head.
  • Many NGOs and institution offices are in rented premises, over a period of time the office might shift to new address. At this moment it becomes the responsibility of the organization to communicate and inform the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and Ministry of Communications & IT regarding this change.
  • Organizations getting funding from international bilateral institutions eg: CARE, Ford Foundation, applying for Community Radio would have to go through the entire FCRA clearance as well.
  • All affidavits required for the application have to be on stamp papers.
  • If an organization is not interested in pursuing the Community Radio application further after applying, they should write a formal letter to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting requesting for its cancellation.


  • Do not apply for a Community Radio application if you do not have the basic details like the site location, exact geo co-ordinates and the community you will be working with clearly.
  • International bilateral institutions cannot provide fund to Community Radio Station directly, they can only fund activities. Money cannot be provided to set up the station.
  • In the section asking for power of transmitter, please do not state 250 watt or 100 watt, state 50 watts only.
  • Please do not give geo co-ordinates obtained from google maps as they are not correct.
  • The height above mean sea level should not be given which has been taken from the nearest railway station as it varies.
  • Please do not copy the application and attachments from a different applicant.