Filling up SACFA Application – Do’s and Don’ts

SACFA is an important step in the Community Radio Application procedure, hence, it becomes necessary to have the correct information to fill all the details of the application correctly. We have put together a list of do’s and don’ts that each organisation should follow before submitting the online SACFA Application to the WPC wing of Ministry of Telecommunication and IT.


  • It is important to have a working internet connection.
  • Open the WPC website i.e. for making an online application.
  • Please make sure that you are using internet explorer as your web browser, as this application can be filled in that browser only.

The applicant should have the required details handy with him/ her before making the application online.

  • Please collect all the details before applying online (you may take help with this link-
  • Name of contact Person.
  • His/her mobile number.
  • Organisation’s landline Number.
  • Type of organisation, whether Educational, NGO or Agricultural.
  • Name of the organisation.
  • Complete address of the organisation with the pin code and post office.
  • Email-id which should not exceed more than 30 characters.
  • Frequency which has been stated in the D/L (Decision to Grant W/T License).
  • Complete address of the CRS location with pin code and post office.
  • Latitude & Longitude of the CRS location in accordance to which the LOI has been issued to the organisation, can be confirmed from CR cell at MIB.
  • Height of the CRS above sea level in meters (AMSL).
  • Height of the CRS building in meters, if any.
  • Service area, for e.g.: Goregaon, Guindy etc.
  • D/L number & date stated in the D/L.
  • Nature & activity of the organisation, for e.g.: education, health etc.
  • Demand draft details like DD number, date, name of bank, name of branch.


  • Do not take more than 15 minutes (approx) to fill up the application.
  • Your email ID should not exceed more than 30 characters.
  • Please save and secure your username and password.
  • Please do not give geo co-ordinates obtained from google maps, as they are not correct.
  • The height above mean sea level should not be given, which has been taken from the nearest railway station, as it varies.
  • Please do not copy the application and attachments from a different applicant.
  • Don’t use Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox for filling up the Frequency Application, use only Internet Explorer.

Author: Poonam Shrivastava, CRFC/ OneWorld