Henval Vani faces frequency clash with AIR

One of the most frequent problems being faced by Community Radio Stations for the past few years is that of frequency clash and its overlapping. Henval Vani is the latest addition to the list.

Aastha Jan Kalyan Evam Vikas Samiti’s Community Radio Station Henval Vani has been set up in Uttarakhand’s Chamba district after a 12-year-long struggle. The radio station has been facing clash with the Vividh Bharati’s channel since its set up.

However, with the recent set up of a relay centre for Prasar Bharati’s channel, about 5 kms away from Henval Vani, it has further aggravated the problem.

According to the feedback received from 70 listeners starting from 17 December 2014, Henval Vani cannot be heard on its frequency of 90.4 Mhz. It has been completed taken over by Vividh Bharati’s broadcast.

Similar problems have been faced by some more stations over the years of broadcast. Radio Active being an example of a prominent frequency clash, has been facing such problems since 2012.

The station has written a number of letters to the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communications & IT (MoCIT) explaining the issue and seeking a solution in the matter, but all in vain.

Even with the interference, Henval Vani continues to broadcast its programmes. However, a growing concern that faces the station is of financial support, which might get hampered due to this sudden crisis.

Rajendra Negi, Founder and Director of Community Radio Henval Vani said, “We have approached the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) regarding the problem and they have asked us to fill out a form with all details regarding the clash and send it back to them. Once they receive it, an officer will come to inspect the problem.”

The station hopes the process is initiated at the earliest, so that Henval Vani continues to broadcast its programmes without any further interruption.

Please click here to view the interference report

Author: Rupica Saxena Bisht, CRFC/ OneWorld