How can a person find out the geo-coordinates of the CRS location?

The best way to identify the exact geo-coordinates is to stand in the exact location chosen for the installation of the antenna tower and using a GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled device/mobile phone, identify the Latitude and Longitude details:

The Latitude and Longitude details are usually represented in one of the following two formats.

(1)    Degrees Minutes Seconds Format
E.g.  Latitude:       230 54’ 30’’ North
Longitude:    790 00’ 42’’ East

(2)    Decimal
E.g. Latitude: 23.75465498 North
Longitude: 79.5678983234 East

However, the applicant needs to keep in mind that the geo coordinates to be provided in the application form can only be in Degree Minutes and Seconds format. Hence, if the applicant has obtained geo coordinates in decimal format, they would be required to convert it in the requisite format.