Telecom Department apprised of CRFC’s role in guiding CR applicants

The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Department of Telecommunication has been formally informed of the Community Radio Facilitation Centre’s role in guiding CR applicants and LOI holders on the various steps of the application process. A letter to this effect was sent from the office of the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, on May 2, 2014.

Being a facilitation centre run with all possible support of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, the CRFC (and its earlier avatar as CCFC) has represented applicants with the WPC and officials of the department have always been very helpful in facilitating the work of the CRFC. However, the absence of a formal communication of CRFC’s status has sometimes been a hindrance.

Noting that “CRFC has proved to be a useful link between CR operators/ permission holders and the Ministry of I&B and has fast tracked the approval process,” the latest communication from Supriya Sahu has urged WPC to extend “all possible help to the CRFC team for coordination (of their work on behalf of CR applicants and CRSs).”

Author: CRFC