Internship Programme  of CRFC

The CRFC Internship programme has been designed with the aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To familiarise candidates with the Community Radio licensing procedure, DAVP Empanelment and responsibilities related to Community Radio
  • To create a cadre of facilitators
  • To empower grassroots leaders to act as facilitators in their specific regions
  • To make organisations/ institutions/ NGOs etc. aware about Community Radio


The basic approach is to train candidates from different backgrounds such as Operational CRS or NGOs/ KVKs/ Educational Institutes interesting in setting up Community Radio Stations. The candidates would be trained in the Community Radio licensing procedure, DAVP Empanelment and responsibilities related to Community Radio. This would enable the grassroots leaders that we create to facilitate interested applicants to apply for Community Radio and the licensing procedure. The workshop would enable them to create awareness in their regions regarding Community Radio.


The process would be initiated by opening the proposal inviting applications of candidates affiliated with Operational CRS/ NGOs/ KVKs/ Education Institutes. The basic eligibility criteria for applicants would also be that they should possess some basic knowledge regarding computers and they should be able to provide a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from their affiliated organisation regarding the internship.


Once the applications are received they would be evaluated on the basis of the following indicators:

  • Motivation of the applicant behind the application for internship
  • How the internship would prove to be beneficial to the organisation
  • What are the ways through which the organisation would support the candidate in facilitation after the completion of the internship

Aims of the Internship Programme

The aim is to select three candidates each from the north, south, east and west regions of India. The interns trained during the workshops would represent CRFC in various awareness workshops and consultations.
The internship seminar is to be held for duration of four days. The agenda of this internship will primarily focus at the licensing process and how CRFC interns can facilitate new applicants in their respective regions.